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Dining & Culinary

Fergus Tandoori Grill
Fraberts Fresh Food
Goofie Newfie Pub & Grill
I Love Chocolate
The Village Olive Grove
Van Gali's Café


Elora Farmers' Market
Grand River Raceway
OLG Slots
Wellington County Museum & Archives

Festivals & Events

Elora Festival & Singers
Fergus Scottish Festival
Fergus Truck Show
Sensational Elora

Visit our Members using the links below

Dream Corners
Drew House
Elora's White Garden
Fergus Fly~In
Flying Leap
Gardener's Cottage
Groves House
London House
Maplecrest Farm
Maryhill Country Inn
Oxy Acres
Veranda House Suites

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A traveller once said...

"The best thing about a Bed & Breakfast, is that each one is different. And the worst thing about a Bed & Breakfast, is that each one is different."

We take a lot of pride in our individuality, as well as the things we share in common. By that we mean the standards and principles we take to heart, and that we try to live up to every day. When you visit a B&B in the Fergus-Elora area, we want you to remember an experience that was extraordinary. And our B&B hosts, our Festivals and Events, our restaurants and shops -- we all work hard, and look forward to making that happen.

So a Toast to Guests! Many of you have become so much more. Over the years, you have become friends....

So just what is a Bed and Breakfast?

The definition we have adopted is the same as the Federation of Ontario Bed & Breakfast Accommodation (FOBBA), the provincial association that represents the interests of B&Bs in Ontario.

"A Bed and Breakfast is an owner-occupied private residential dwelling that is the owner's principal residence and in which the owner has control of the environment.  It provides temporary accommodation not exceeding 28 consecutive days, and amenities and services auxiliary to guest accommodation including the preparation and service of breakfast for an all inclusive fee."

Do B&Bs take credit cards?

Each of our B&Bs has their own payment policy. Payment methods and reservation practices may be listed on individual property pages; please be sure to review the individual B&B's payment policy. Some hosts prefer not to accept credit cards due to the added expense. For B&Bs that operate seasonally and those that offer limited accommodation, accepting only cash or check payments helps keep the costs and the room rates down.

What kind of experience can I expect?

The very nature of Bed and Breakfast accommodation means that each stay offers you a new experience, different from your last as well as the next.

Each member facility will offer a range of services and amenities such as size and type of bedding, private or shared bathrooms, connecting or ‘family’ rooms, internet availability, games rooms, waterfront properties, swimming pools, a location in an urban or rural setting, historic or contemporary homes, activities, access to a video library, really the list is endless. As with amenities your inclusive breakfast can range from simple to decadent, served buffet style or plated, it can be continental or a special creation by an award-winning chef. Most B&Bs are able to accommodate allergies, special diets and lifestyles to meet the dietary needs of their guests. Be sure to let the host know in advance.

Check out our diverse listings and see what each has to offer. When you want to know more, the individual B&B will be happy to discuss their capabilities and services with you.

Is tipping appropriate at a B&B?

As in any service industry, such as hotels, restaurants and pizza delivery, tipping is always a personal choice. Gratuities at a Bed and Breakfast are not expected, but are always appreciated. You will never insult an owner by leaving something extra. 

Gratuities are always a pleasant and unexpected surprise, and should only be contemplated when expectations are exceeded. 

Who keeps B&B room availability and other information up to date?

This website gives our hosts the ability to log in and update their property information and room availability directly. Information shown on these pages is provided by the hosts. Hosts always do their best to make sure their information is current and accurate.

We are dedicated to providing an easy-to-use, single-source for accommodations in Elora, Fergus and the surrounding area, and to help you learn about all the things you can see and do while you're here. This site is the definitive accommodation resource when visiting the Fergus or Elora area. Many B&Bs have additional links to other websites that contain more information, but this is home for online room availability.

Links to activities, festivals and events in the "Community Links" section are also maintained and posted by our community partners. For availability information in other communities, visit

Who do I go to if I have a complaint?

Complaint resolution is a matter between the guest and the hosting property. FEBBA is not constituted to have a formal complaint resolution procedure, although you are welcome to pass on your comments, both good and bad, to the Association president. We encourage you to discuss and resolve any issues directly with the B&B. Each is a small business owner, and interested in providing a positive B&B experience for their guests.

What is there to do in the area?

Elora and Fergus are a mere five kilometres apart. Both towns are situated along one of southern Ontario’s most popular rivers and watershed areas - the Grand River.

The Grand River provides visitors with one-of-a-kind photographic opportunities, world class fishing, and a range of things in between. The Elora Quarry is a favourite summer swimming spot to enjoy a break from the heat, and the Elora Gorge with its sheer cliffs provides an amazing backdrop for a hike or a relaxing float down the river. The Elora-Cataract Trailway starts here and runs for 42km along abandoned and reclaimed railways and is great for biking and hiking. Shop, dine or take in the sights of historic towns - both communities have so much to offer.

FEBBA guests enjoy visiting and experiencing local theatre, museums, artisans, art classes, ghost stories, historical walking tours, golf courses, hot air ballooning, kayaking, sailing (on Belwood Lake), hiking, bird watching, fall fairs, festivals, parades, classic car show and shines, horse racing, OLG slots, antiquing, sports tournaments, exclusive shops, snowmobiling and….

Bring your camera – Stroll the streets of Fergus and experience the rich heritage and the charming Scottish atmosphere. Scottish settlers used traditional limestone masonry to build many of the heritage homes, walls and the merchant buildings in downtown. The Village of Elora, well known for the spectacular Elora Gorge on the Grand River, is one of the most picturesque areas of Ontario. Scottish stonemasons also built the village of Elora and it has historic charm and an appealing village core.

What about directions?

Most B&B hosts provide specific directions on how to find their property when you book. The internet and GPS are often a good source, but be aware that not all locations covered by Google or Mapquest are accurate due to the rural location of some properties.

There is a good mapping and directions tool with this website that we encourage you to and use. (Keep in mind that individual hosts may have reliable shortcuts that are better.)

Request a printed brochure.

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