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Fraberts Fresh Food

Chef Derek’s enjoy-at-home meals use the same local ingredients visitors can buy in Fraberts farm-fresh market.

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Meet the Locavore: Derek Roberts

Shopping for fresh produce, meats and cheeses is meant to be a daily occurrence here. Styled after the European way of buying daily to eat fresh every day, Fraberts Fresh Food is all about getting the farm to the table, as fast as possible.

Owners Jackie Fraser and Derek Roberts, the “Fra” and “berts” in the name itself, opened their doors with a commitment to offer the freshest foods they could. And that meant finding local producers where foods didn’t have to be trucked for miles, and adjusting both products and meals as the growing season changes.

Chef Roberts is highly adept at adjusting. A graduate of the Culinary Arts Institute of Ontario, he’s honed his skills with large batch cooking for banquets at Kingsbridge Centre in King City, and refined them further as a sous-chef at the Breadalbane Inn in Fergus.

With those skills, his passion for fresh and the support of local growers, he creates made-from-scratch meals to take home that are as nutritious as they are tasty. Even his deli meats are marinated and cooked here, then hand sliced as needed. Fraberts is also a fresh market, where you can buy and cook with the same ingredients Derek uses every day.

From stews to soups, Chef Roberts begins and ends with fresh. The result—if not just like Mom makes—is very close to it. But then Mom probably didn’t add locally brewed Hockley Valley dark ale to her beef stew.


Event catering and monthly cooking classes available. Open Tuesday to Friday, 9 am to 6 am; Saturday 9 am to 5 pm; Sunday 11 am to 4 pm.  The Fergus Marketplace on the River.

Derek Robers and Jackie Fraser
105 Queen Street W.
Unit 3
Fergus ON N1M 1S6

226 383 7374

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