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Fergus Tandoori Grill

Executive Chef Mohammad Haque: flavours worth the drive to Fergus

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Meet the Chef: Mohammad Haque

Mohammad Haque wears many hats. He and his partner, Golam Mohiuddin, are owners of the Fergus Tandoori Grill, specializing in fine Indian cuisine. He is also the Executive Chef of this highly-rated restaurant and on occasion, has been known to double as the pleasant host and server.

Mohammad and Golam chose to open in this historic Scottish enclave because they saw an opportunity to bring their traditional meals and methods of cooking them here. While Golam is the business end, Mohammad explains, “We are like the branch and its leaves,” obviously a synergy that works. There is no other restaurant in downtown Fergus that offers these taste experiences.

From melt-in-the-mouth butter chicken with just the right amount of heat, to succulent shrimp Korma and garlic Naan, Chef Mohammad presides over a kitchen whose mission is to prepare authentic Indian foods, many of which are cooked the unique Tandoor way. And where possible, he uses locally grown ingredients, such as farm eggplant, in his mild bharta.

The result is paradise. Tender, spicy or mild depending on taste buds, and delivered to table in copper bowls to keep it hot, the food is a delicious sharing of the Chef’s own. From hosting intimate cooking classes to custom-designing unique temptations for gatherings and weddings, this chef freshly prepares his exotic flavours for a tasteful recipe to experience.


Casually elegant. LLBO. Maximum 30 persons. Reservations recommended. Lunch: 11:30 am – 2:30 pm. Dinner: 5 pm – 10 pm 7 days a week. Five-star quality rating at

Mohammad Haque and Golam Mohiuddin
232 St. Andrew St. W.
Fergus Ontario N1M 1N7


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